Mixed Adult Thai Boxing

Mixed Adult Thai Boxing




The mixed level class can either be for individuals who want to start the sport or for those people who wish to improve their fitness and technique.


Beginners will learn how to stand, how to position your hands and feet, defend and strike using punches, kicks, knees and elbows; while those more advanced people will be pushed using a greater repertoire of Muay Thai techniques.


Always under the coach’s watchful eye, you hit bags, work on pads, spar and clinch (knee sparring). The mixed class is as demanding as you like depending on how hard you work and eventually you will be stronger, leaner, and fitter and be ready to move into the advanced classes.


A typical class will involve

  • Skipping or jogging warm-up
  • Warming up exercises
  • Pad work in pairs
  • Bag work
  • Technique work
  • Light controlled sparring
  • Cool down and stretching exercises